Customers expect personalized marketing that delivers information relevant to their needs. You would think this means an even deeper human touch – but instead, this personalized approach is being done with technology.

Ecommerce sales are exploding as shopping continues to evolve during and moving past the current pandemic. Recent statistics show a nearly 15 percent increase in the first quarter of 2020 over the same 2019 time period. Increases like this illustrate how difficult it would be for humans to be at the intersection of the marketing process. Machine learning in the form of automation helps to align people, processes, and technology to deliver that personalized marketing experience craved by customers.


Making it personal

Recent surveys show that while 86 percent of consumers are concerned about data privacy, 72 percent of them will only engage with personalized marketing messages. It’s a double-edged sword for them. They understand that the only way to get a personalized experience is to share information.

According to the digital marketing platform Smart Insights, here are the top five reasons why consumers are willing to give up their anonymity.

  1. To receive exclusive discounts on specific products (90 percent)
  2. To have a customer service issue resolved (87 percent)
  3. To receive product availability alerts (85 percent)
  4. To receive personalized product recommendations (82 percent)
  5. To find products faster and easier (81 percent)

Meanwhile, 63 percent of these same surveyed consumers also said they would stop buying from brands that use poor personalization tactics. What do they define as a poor tactic? Nearly 60 percent said it’s when they’re aware that data they’ve shared is overtly being used to try to sell more products.

So, it’s a double-edged sword for marketers, too. How do you obtain the right information about leads so you can convert them into buyers – without creeping them out?


Humans + AI = the magic touch

While Artificial Intelligence (AI) tactics such as machine learning allow you to gather information about people who are actively in the market to buy your product or service, that same process can help your sales team take acting on lead generation to the next level.

Machine learning is capable of parsing all the collected data about leads and customers and providing guidance on engagement. With a finite amount of time, your sales team needs to focus their efforts on those leads in your market who are ready to buy right now.

And this effort is still a personal touch. Nearly 60 percent of global customers surveyed think that companies are moving away from the human element of the personal experience, while 75 percent said they actually prefer to interact with a human during the sales process.

The real power of machine learning is when it is combined with your human sales staff to increase their ability to know what’s necessary to provide a personalized experience. AI and machine learning help your sales staff become more efficient at offering a personalized and authentic experience by providing engagement to offer the right information at the right time to the right people looking to buy right now.

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