Onboarding & Discovery


    Complete the next 4 questions only if you are leveraging our messaging/email marketing services:

    Search Intent Targeting

    Please complete the following sections to help us capture all the possible search keywords and URLs that your potential customer is searching. Try to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and think about what they would search for to find a solution to their problem.

    See Example

    What we need for each product/service line (note: not all will always apply)

    1. Seed term keywords - top 10-50 potential customer search terms
    2. Product types / categories
    3. Problems you solve / Pain Points / Symptoms
    4. Benefits
    5. Ingredients / Features
    6. Brands you offer
    7. Competitor names (including their products & brands)
    8. Geography (areas serviced)

    Targeting: (For each product/service you offer)